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Do you understand your organization's cyber risk? Are you doing all you can to protect yourself from both external security threats and internal compliance vulnerabilities? At Vesta Cyber Solutions we offer a broad spectrum of security and compliance solutions that put risk front and center so that you can protect your assets and respond to threats in the most proactive and effective way. Our services cover everything, from Risk Management advisory services to compliance audits. The threats to your business are real. You might think you are doing enough to keep these threats from your door, but can you really be sure? Compliant today doesn't always mean compliant forever, not when the landscape is constantly changing. Our vulnerability and pen testing procedures are designed to analyze every part of your infrastructure to find the security and compliance vulnerabilities that could make you a sitting target for these threats.

Our Services


Not only must businesses address cyber risks, they need to do so inside the control framework of regulatory compliance. There

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Cyber Risk Management

Risk Management is a key discipline in enterprises wanting to protect themselves from potential data breaches. Vesta Cyber Solutions offers

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Readiness Assessment (RAR) - Vesta conducts a pre-assessment (referred to as a "Readiness Assessment") as an important first step to helping

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Penetration Testing

Your organization may not have the comprehensive security team it needs to respond to threats in real time, and our

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